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Build your CEO craft

The CEO Project is a journey. One that invites you to be intentional about building your craft of being a CEO. There are five elements that comprise the CEO Project, each designed in a way that fits individual learning styles.

CEO Set-Up

This is where the CEO Project journey commences. Here you will engage in a structured 3-hour conversation to form a view of your current reality. You will receive a written assessment that will provide insights into where your ongoing CEO learning journey should take you. This report is then unpacked in person, ensuring full understanding. 

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CEO Accelerator

The CEO Accelerator offers a deep dive into building your CEO craft, offering an expertly facilitated space to think and learn about how to improve on your leadership and become a Genius CEO. 

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CEO Forum

CEOs meet virtually to stimulate, shape and hone their CEO craft through authentic conversations, shared learning and subject matter specialists: facilitated and guided by the CEO Project Team. 

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CEO Advisory

One-on-one Advisory and Executive Coaching for CEOs who desire intense focus on developing their personal CEO craft for immediate application into their business.

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CEO Elevate

CEO Elevate

A comprehensive process to drive CEO performance. A set of interventions that culminate in the writing of a CEO Leadership Strategy: a succinct, comprehensive plan for CEOs to lead their organisation toward optimal performance.

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Our Team

Your global leadership practitioners.

Rowan Belchers

Understanding the unique possibilities and challenges of the CEO position has been Rowan’s singular passion for the last two decades. Rooted in Africa, but with a global education and client base, Rowan’s experience spans the full spectrum of business issues. Through extensive study and exposure Rowan has developed unique intellectual property that applies specifically to CEOs. 

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CEO Insights

A collection of ongoing bespoke CEO specific insights to supplement your learning journey.

CEO LEARNING: The gifts that ‘BlackLivesMatter’ offers your business.
As CEOs, you have that power more than most and the invitation to you is for you to use your power to create energised, cohesive communities and powerful, generous human beings.
CEO LEARNING: Marriage and CEOship.
CEOs need to say more.
CEO LEARNING: Superior discontent: grumpiness done well.
I’ve spent a lot of time listening to CEOs’ complaints and I’m always stuck with how the energy of our conversation takes a dive that requires course-correcting.

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