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The CEO Project underpins all craft-building efforts using the Genius CEO™ Model

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A collection of ongoing bespoke CEO specific insights to supplement your learning journey.

Two trump cards CEOs don’t realise they have
Two trump cards CEOs don’t realise they have: Choice and hope.
The CEO check-in
There has never been a better time to be a CEO as the optionality about where you work, how you work, who you work with and what you do has never been greater. This is even more true for the CEO, given your ability to make change.
What CEO 'Gear' Are You In?
My experience is that CEOs seldom recognise that their own impetus as a system leader needs to be in alignment with that of the business. If this is not the case, it’s like the car is wanting to go faster, but is not in the right gear, or not in gear at all – metaphorically speaking, of course.
Fatigue is real
Fatigue is real, and particularly at this time of year. In my view, fatigue has very specific pre-conditions for executive leaders.
Accelerating your CEO Craft
The CEO Accelerator is an expertly crafted three-day learning experience for a selected group of CEOs, offering a deep dive into building CEO craft.
CEO Masterclass Dinner: Planning your CEO activities for 2020
The last CEO Masterclass for 2019 will help CEOs focus on their 2020 planning.
Questions for CEOs to contemplate
Great questions bubble away under the surface until they rise up at just the right moment. Some questions - and many others - are designed to keep you on your CEO 'toes', keeping the building of your leadership craft front and centre.
CEOs and Sales
In this current period of economic and social upheaval, one of the most important things to watch is sales - the lifeblood of any organisation.
The CEO's dance between dreaming & grit
Part of the craft of becoming a CEO is having full access to not only the big-picture thinking but also to the unglamorous endeavour that is often the making or breaking of a business.
Understand your Genius
Hear our CEO Advisor Rowan Belchers explain how to uncover your own CEO "genius" in a practical, user-friendly way.

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