Building your skills as a CEO

The CEO Project is a home for inspired CEOs seeking a new blueprint for success.

CEO Development Options

CEOs have different entry points into The CEO Project environment. A suite of craft-building options covers the full breadth of needs: benchmarking against peer CEOs; re-calibration of your CEO skill-set; exposure to the challenges and realities of other CEOs; re-invigorating your CEO career-path; designing a CEO Strategy for immediate implementation into your business.

CEO Set-Up

A CEO’s journey can begin here. We review your set-up against 14 CEO best practices. The process requires a 3-hour deep-dive conversation followed by a formal written report for further discussion.

CEO Accelerator

The CEO Accelerator offers a deep dive into building your CEO craft, offering an expertly facilitated space to think and learn about how to improve on your leadership and become a Genius CEO.

CEO Forum

CEOs meet virtually to stimulate, shape and hone their CEO craft facilitated and guided by the CEO Project Team.


One-on-one Advisory and Executive Coaching for CEOs who desire intense focus on developing their personal CEO craft and require direct application of this craft into the business.

CEO Global Immersion
CEO Elevate

A comprehensive process to drive CEO performance. A set of interventions that culminate in the writing of a CEO Leadership Strategy: a succinct, comprehensive plan for CEOs to lead their organisation toward optimal performance.

CEO Set-Up

This is typically the first step in The CEO Project journey.

Over the course of a 3-hour conversation, we form a view of your current reality against a set of 14 CEO best-practices. Within a week, you will receive a written assessment that offers a view as to where your ongoing CEO learning journey should take you. This report is then unpacked in person, ensuring full understanding. The value the CEO Set-Up will create is its ability to map out a developmental journey into the future – a clear picture of what skills and capacities need to be built within you, and how those will be applied to your business.

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CEO Accelerator

The CEO Accelerator best suits CEOs who are new to their position or who feel they do not have the necessary training for their CEO role.

The CEO Accelerator is the most natural entry-point to developing your CEO craft and offers a comprehensive deep dive into all aspects of CEOship. This expertly facilitated learning experience offers CEOs the opportunity to acquire the full set of skills, tools and self-knowledge to build a stand-out CEO offering and to apply this to your business in real-time. The CEO Accelerator – now in its 9th iteration – provides a powerful kick-start to intimate groups of 6 CEOs per CEO Accelerator and is run on 4 separate occasions throughout the year.

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CEO Forum

The CEO Forum best suits CEOs who wish to take a more indirect approach to their craft-building.

The CEO Forum exposes CEOs to an array of topics that broaden the CEOs knowledge range in an efficient and engaging way. The CEO Forum offering is a series of virtual masterclasses with an intimate group of peer CEOs that takes place monthly. We will explore high-relevance topics by way of a group conversation and unpack for individual relevance.

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CEO Advisory

The CEO Advisory option best suits CEOs with a pressing need to drive immediate organisational change.

The CEO Advisory platform is a way of working in an intense, always-on manner, refining your craft and applying it to your business in real-time. The CEO Project Team work in a particular style that allows for maximum impact. These engagements are curated ahead of time to meet each CEOs individual organisational needs. They are intense, take place offsite and last for either a half-day or a day/night/morning.

CEO Elevate

Building CEO capabilities requires constant attention, such are the changing conditions that surround us.

In the busy-ness of life, it is unlikely that all this focus can be generated by the CEO alone, thus the need to have in place a set of processes that help power the CEO to full performance. During this 6 month engagement, the CEO Elevate offering brings together a set of interventions that culminate in the writing of A CEO Leadership Strategy: a succinct, comprehensive plan for CEOs to lead their organisation toward optimal performance.

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For CEOs who wish to develop their CEO craft.