Hello CEO

Hello CEO…

A CEO's journey toward 30% better performance and 30% more joy.

What is “Hello CEO...”

Design your CEO Strategy together with our team of specialist CEO advisors. This 2-month learning experience is focussed on your unique brand of CEOship and applies directly to your business.

The Hello SEO Journey

Follow these CEO’s leadership journey through four distinct learning processes that cumulate towards crafting their own personalised Game Plan for their own direct benefit as well as the significant benefit to the rest of their organisation.

Meet Kevin Liebenberg

CEO of Actuate

Follow Kevin’s leadership journey through four distinct learning processes that culminate in crafting a CEO Strategy: a personalised leadership 'playbook' that links to organizational goals and addresses the specific leadership qualities of Kevin himself.

Meet Kevin
It’s all about the journey and I'm ready to take the leap towards better performance and joy.
CEO Benchmarking
Benchmarking against a set of 14 CEO best-practices. This assessment maps out a development journey for the CEO.
Deep Self-Knowlege
CEOs deep dive into knowing themself, how they react and how this helps or hinders their leadership. We use the Enneagram profiling tool for its depth, accuracy and clear developmental path.
Reshaping Your Organisation
At this crucial stage in the process, the CEO will perform a physical exercise to re-arrange the physical nature of their organisation to ensure it functions in the most optimal way.
Kevin reflects on his greatest learning experiences during each stage of the four-part "Hello CEO..." journey, being guided by CEO Advisor, Rowan Belchers.

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