3 Questions CEOs should be asking at this time of the year

October 1, 2020
By Rowan Belchers

The three most important questions you must be asking at this time of the year.

Question one: Does my strategy for 2021 take into account everything that has changed in 2020?

Question two: How is the organisational energy in my business at the moment and what steps need to be taken?

Question three: What skills will be required in 2021 that were not needed in 2020,  and which need to be built.

Rowan Belchers

Rowan Belchers

Rowan is the founder and CEO of Lockstep, a business leadership consultancy. Lockstep works with CEO’s, executive teams and future leaders globally, partnering with clients who seek customised leadership solutions. Rowan is a highly respected advisor to CEOs with over two decades’ experience in guiding businesses and their leaders towards reaching their fullest potential. Rowan leads The CEO Project, a Lockstep initiative.
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