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CEO Masterclass
CEO Masterclass: Get to know your organization in a whole new way.
In this CEO Masterclass, you will explore cognitive ways to think differently about the dynamics of their business, rather than just how it looks on a page or screen. You will learn a hands-on review of your business, how to create a different perspective and what brilliance can you unlock in a short time frame.  
Turning your organisation into a Thinking Environment
This CEO Masterclass will focus on how you can turn your organisation into a thinking environment and will outline the benefits and possibilities experienced when CEOs create space for thinking in their organisation. 
"Performance meets Joy": Exploring a new blueprint for CEO success
This is part one of a four-part CEO Masterclass series. In this Masterclass, you will learn about changing trends amongst global CEOs, the concept of 'Performance' and how it is altering CEO best-practices and how to redesign your approach to CEOship.
Accelerating your CEO Craft
The CEO Accelerator is an expertly crafted three-day learning experience for a selected group of CEOs, offering a deep dive into building CEO craft.
CEO Masterclass Dinner: Planning your CEO activities for 2020
The last CEO Masterclass for 2019 will help CEOs focus on their 2020 planning.
CEO Masterclass review: Forging a positive relationship with Complexity.
Leading a business in complex times is different. It is not the same as leading in ‘complicated’ times and the difference is important.
CEO Masterclass review: How to build an authentic African business
Compare your current CEO craft with a set of character traits that Genius CEOs embody.

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