The power and pitfalls of your thinking

August 11, 2020
By Rowan Belchers

I am only starting to appreciate the impact of thinking at the tender age of 48 years old. I’ve been searching for a metaphor that adequately describes the importance of knowing how to think and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Great thinking is having a hyper-accurate map that takes you directly to the pot of gold. Low-quality thinking is having a map that is inaccurate, purports to take you to the same pot of gold, but leads you somewhere else.

Here’s the thing: everyone thinks – and everyone is of the view that they think well, myself included. Having the ability to monitor the quality of your thinking gives you the ability to discern between the valuable thought and a false-thought.

Earlier in the month, Kevin Liebenberg and I discussed how false thoughts need to be let go of immediately, and recognised for their inaccuracy and unhelpfulness. It’s not like they won’t happen – they absolutely will. The skill is to know the difference and to act accordingly.

If you’re looking for additional input, Farnam Street is by far the most useful source I’ve found that improves my own thinking, particularly the content they offer on Mental Models.

Rowan Belchers

Rowan Belchers

Rowan is the founder and CEO of Lockstep, a business leadership consultancy. Lockstep works with CEO’s, executive teams and future leaders globally, partnering with clients who seek customised leadership solutions. Rowan is a highly respected advisor to CEOs with over two decades’ experience in guiding businesses and their leaders towards reaching their fullest potential. Rowan leads The CEO Project, a Lockstep initiative.
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