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About Rowan Belchers

Rowan, as a Founder and CEO himself, believes strongly that leadership is the most impactful and critical lever for business performance and has spent the last two decades honing his craft in this area.

Rowan Belchers

Understanding the unique possibilities and challenges of the CEO position has been Rowan’s singular passion for the last decade. Rooted in Africa, but with a global education and client base, Rowan’s experience spans the full spectrum of business issues.

Through extensive study and exposure Rowan has developed unique intellectual property that applies specifically to CEOs. Broad-range development of the skills, knowledge and character of system leaders (CEOs, MDs, GMs, Function Heads) is his key differentiator.

Rowan’s engagement style is ‘all in’: deep loyalty to clients, limitless energy for CEOs who truly want to excel, and a willingness to fully stretch his creativity, heart and intellect to assist leaders to reach optimal system performance. These attributes have enabled him to build a global client base of long tenure and true partnership. He is a tireless advocate for the potential joy that lies within the CEO positions and for encouraging CEOs who are depleted by their work to make profound changes to their role design. He believes that the CEO position, once understood, is a rare privilege and responsibility and that it offers system leaders the opportunity for expression, creativity, nuance, extraordinary contribution and significant personal reward.

Rowan has high hopes that the global business community will play an increasingly influential role in society. His strong view is that huge untapped opportunity lies in wait for future-focused business leaders who are able to marry performance with purpose.

Rowan has practiced his leadership craft across Africa in Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique and Nigeria, as well as through consulting for large multinationals in China, Argentina, London, New York, San Francisco, Mexico and India.

  • Purpose: Guiding a global tribe of wise, skilled, aware CEOs who create broad, positive impact across their sphere of influence.
  • Central ambition: Teaching CEOs the art and science of Optimal System Performance
  • Tenure as a CEO advisor: 17 years
  • Education: Berkeley University (Haas Undergraduate School of Business) and Harvard Business School
  • Offices: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Windhoek, London and Geneva (with reach across Europe)
  • Family: two children, Sam and Emma.

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